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To Purchase our Products​

Q:Whether or not one can purchase our products directly?​

A:No. We do NOT sell our product directly to the end-users. Our sales agents or distributors will consult and find your needs.


How to Find our Sales Agents or Distributors

We will give you or introduce the right contact-available at following office;

Awaji Headquarter:0799-62-4778

Tokyo Sales Office:042-452-8781

Nishinomiya Sales Office:0798-67-4069

​Sapporo Sales Office:011-768-7340

Or, you can contact us via oue web site - inquiry sec. specifying your name / company / address / telephone number / your business type / the usage of washers.

(If you are current user, the name of a product and its manufacture would be helpful to advice.)



We have service channels throughout Japan with our sales office / distributors. Wherever you locate, you will have our maintenance services.

Washers General​

Whether or not a washer with high pressure works effectively?

Our cocept of high pressure is that;

Water flow rate (pressure) × Density (volume of water dosage)

Thus, as a result of increasing water flow rate,

  • Sprayed water just from mist; then, actual cleaning effects are not as high as we expect in the specification.

  • Sprayed water will bourse off the surface of grime, water will NOT wideapread the grime effectively.

  • A Hot Water Washer will lose its temperature after spraying.

To avoid various negative effects, we design our SUMOTO washer with spraying pressure and volume of water in balance excluding mobile type washers.

The Merit of Hot Water Washers

It is well known that hot rather than cold water work well to wash off the grime when you wash your hands. That is because hot washer instead of cold one blends into the grime. Foe example, hot water work definitely very well to the grease; the grime with fat and oil than cold water, To get rid of grime effectively is to use hot water even if low pressured one works better into the grime with fat and oil than high pressured cold water. The grime; for example, dead bugs on the frot-glass of a car cannot be easily washed off with cold water (200kg / ㎠) of High Pressure Washers.

The Right Temperature of our Washers

SUMOTO sets our MAX washing temperature at 80℃. Of course, we have othr type of machines work with 95℃, 110℃  or even further. We believe that 80℃ at max is enough temperature to wash off ordinary grime or grime with fat and oil.

We are the first manufacturer developed and made steam cleaners. The customers know our history and get in touch and inquire the steamers. However, those steamers are useful if one uses at close range. The steamers do NOT work well when grime is hidden by the steam while losing the temperature of hot water.

Those type of steamers are less manufactured these days while SUMOTO carries steamers SHC-Z3.

We indicate the washing temperature is that of hot water in boilers. However, various cause affect lowering the temperature of hot water spraying from the nozzle to reach the target - the grime. This temperature loss results in unexpected low in temperature of the surface of grime. For instance, how high the temperature in the boiler is, spraying little water in volume only make mists and reach to the target grime at lowered temperature. Furthermore, spraying little water with high pressure would cause further loss of water temperature. We make washers with well-balanced sprayig water in terms of volume, pressure and temperature.

Standard Parts for Washers

Except for the custom-made washers, a cleaner comes with standard washing hose and gun. And, it comes with a tap for the washer attached a hot water tap.

Comparison -​

Why heavier than other washers with same specification made by others?

Simply SUMOTO designs and equips the size of boilers, tanks and pumps to work for washing specifications. Since it is the key factor for hot water washers to keep washing water temperature stable consecutively, we equip specially designed high-performance burners with thick and though tubes which make burning efficiently. As a result of these burners, enough hot water is kept stable to use for a long time even if one uses hot water from the same supply plug at a time.

Possible to set-up the washers indoors?

It would be no problems if one countermeasures the fire protection and put exhaust duct. One should put duct with special care. If one mistakenly put duct in wrong ways, it gives the boilers a lot of burdens; moreover, it may affect life-time of washers a lot.

So, one should b better toconsult our sales agents or distributors about the set-up of washers.

The type of stainless body

SUMOTO supplies any types of SUS-bodies with additional charges.

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