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SUMOTO High pressure washers

SUMOTO's high pressure washer

SUMOTO product is highly evaluated by every professional user through Japan for their quality, efficiency, durability, etc.​

About us

Since we developed the first domestic steam cleaner in 1952, we think that we are a willing partner to improve the global environment with our water washers which we do NOT believe them as simple washing tools.

Together with the development of washers, as well as their performance, function and durability, we can definitely pursue clean energy, pollution-free and reuse oriented manufacturing till their disposal.

Through such accumulation of pioneer spirits and technology, Naruto series kerosene heating washer had achieved clean energy-emission gas close in value to zero. Furthermore, we have been developed environmentally-friendly H.P. Hot Water Washers such as electrically heated H.P. Hot Water Washer "Yusen", natural gas heating H.P. Hot Water Washer​ "Gas-sen", steam heated H.P. Hot Water Washer.

What is the high-pressure washer?

A machine pressurizes cold water or hot water with a high pressure pump, decomposes and removes dirt by spraying the water with high pressure from a nozzle according to the purpose of washing. Hot water type Washers is generally equipped with a kerosene boiler, while SUMOTO offers some line up of Eco-oriented Washers; such as electrically heated washers, natural gas heated washers and steam heated washers.

TAIKAI series do not have the boiler and temperature control system. Since the pump and other structures are the same as hot water type washers, 80℃ hot water can be continuously flowed.

In order to use these washers effectively and efficiently under various circumstances, we carry optional accessories.

Advantage of introducing high pressure washer

​・Effective operation and time reduction of washing

・High pressured water can clean up stuck dirt in gaps which does not reach by other cleaning tools.

・Water saving

・Reducing washing work; especially one in winter, with hot water makes one work hard even in a cold weather.

・To obtain/update HACCP ISO-14001 or environmental measures;


Contact Us


43, OomachiHata, Awaji-shi, Hyogo, 656-2151, Japan

TEL: +81-799-62-4778

FAX: +81-799-62-4389

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